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5 Things Confident Women Never Do

LaRae Quy

LaRae Quy

5 Things Confident Women Never Do LaRae Quy
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One of the first things I learned as a new FBI agent was how to set the tone for success when interviewing suspects. At the top of my list was conveying confidence to the person across from me because—and this is crucial—confidence sends the message that you are in a position of authority.

I walked into the interview room with shoulders back, head up, and making eye contact. I prepared for the interview by looking at the facts of the case and thoroughly going over the analytics, assessments, and witness accounts.

This process removed all doubt of my competence in my own head, and what followed was confidence that I could find the truth and make draw reliable conclusions.

Confidence should never be confused with arrogance. Arrogance is thinking you are better than somebody else. Confidence is knowing you are competent and expecting to be treated as such.

Lack of confidence can strike both men and women, but females struggle with confidence issues more often for several reasons. One of the primary culprits contributing to this phenomena is the fact that women are picked apart in many more areas of their life than their male counterparts.

The media and slick advertising promote the image of thin, beautiful women dressed in designer clothes and wearing stiletto heels. They are assaulted with images of the perfect mom and family at Mother’s Day. There are few areas of a woman’s life that is not targeted for improvement—and with that, the implication that she is far from perfect.

Some areas of low confidence include: not worthy of a promotion, too fat, wrong skin color, not educated enough, not worthy of love, not athletic enough…the list goes on.

No wonder women lack confidence! In truth, confidence has nothing to do with beauty, height, weight, skin, clothes, relationships, or intelligence.

Confidence is a gift that only you can can give to yourself. If you have it, no one can take it from you. On the other hand, don’t look to others to give it to you, either.

Confident women LaRae Quy

Here are 5 things confident women never do:

1. Take Their Day For Granted

Confident women never forget to start their day with gratitude. Gratitude puts your life into perspective. Start and end each day with at least 5 positive affirmations about what you are thankful for about yourself.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion for mental toughness because it reminds you to be confident in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is about progress, not perfection. Positive things happen to positive people.

2. Avoid Making Eye Contact With Everyone They Meet

Confident women never avoid any opportunity to flex their confidence muscle during their day in the world. They make eye contact with everyone they meet because they have the confidence to initiate conversations and spread their influence. They know their thoughts have the ability to make a valuable and impactful contribution to other people.

Women with confidence can look a man in the eye and control the situation, and not trivialize the encounter by allowing it to turn into flirting.

3. Stay Inside Their Comfort Zone

Confident women never shrink inside their comfort zone. Instead, they are curious abut the world around them and look for ways to explore it.

Women with confidence believe in their ability to gain knowledge and solve problems. Self-esteem is believing in your competence—learn from your failures and mistakes so you do not repeat them going forward.

Past failure does not predict future failure— develop the mental toughness to stick with it because when you do succeed, that experience will give you more confidence.

4. Speak In Quiet Tones

Confident women never fade into the background by speaking in low tones. They know how to crank up the volume so their opinions and views are heard.

This does not mean they are loud and boisterous; I have a soft voice, but it can also be very strong. When I have something to say, I say it loud enough and enunciate clearly so people both hear and understand.

Tip: If you don’t have anything of value to say, keep your mouth shut. Don’t lose credibility by blabbing just so you can stay in the conversation.

5. Offer Limp Handshakes

Confident women never offer a limp wrist or dead fish handshake. They clamp down and shake hands with authority. Women, in particular, can be bad about this and it sets a weak and feeble message from the very beginning. Practice your handshake if need be, but get it right.

Confidence is believing that we are a person of value. We are ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in our lives. People who are confident keep building on their self-worth, and when they do, they convey the competence and authority they need to be successful in business and life.

  1. Tammy Kling 3 years ago

    A perfect 5 points. Be grateful, make eye contact, extend beyond your comfort, be strong in words and confident in our value. Brilliant. There is no better way to start off 2015 then by being brave and stepping out just like this.

  2. LaRae Quy 3 years ago

    I agree, Tammy!

    Let’s lead the charge and empower the women (and men) we meet in 2015!

  3. Suzanne 3 years ago

    I think perfectionism is a HUGE problem as when preparing for a presentation you can always find another fact, source, nugget of info. It truly doesn’t have a definite end point, except time & women often work deep into the night due to this fear of “missing” something important.

    I see this in my law prof daughter when she is writing journal articles or preparing for a symposium. Neverending research, fact checking, editing=stress.

    Often comes from the Imposter Syndrome”; even though she has proved her excellent capabilities over & over already.

    Hard way to live–from one crisis to another…

  4. Sue Bock 3 years ago

    Yes on all accounts! Awesome article. You’ve got your finger on what it takes for confidence.


  5. LaRae Quy 3 years ago


    I can truly relate to the pressures your daughter put herself through! I am the same way…perfectionism creates a lot of unneeded and unwanted stress.

    Being aware of it is the first step…

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. LaRae Quy 3 years ago

    Thanks, Sue! I truly appreciate your kind words and am glad you liked the article!

  7. Name*Eziamaka 3 years ago

    A very good article I must say . I guess most ladies feel there’s something sexy or cool about offering a limp handshake. Now we know better.

  8. LaRae Quy 3 years ago

    Hi Eziamaka

    No, there is absolutely nothing sexy or cool about offering a limp handshake…it shouts “wimp” at whomever is receiving it. If passiveness if what women are looking for, the limp handshake is their message to the world that is who they are.

    Thanks for stopping by and so glad you liked the article!

  9. gibson 3 years ago

    Who the hell cares what an FBI agent has to say?
    We all know you are the bad guys now.

  10. LaRae Quy 3 years ago

    Hey there Gibson…sounds like you’ve watched way too many FBI-themed movies/TV shoes and suffer from a serious lack of reality.

    All I can suggest is that you be a bit more discerning about what you see and/or read—there are many watchdogs that prevent the FBI from breaking the law, despite what you see in the movies.

    Actually, real life is a lot more exciting than all that Hollywood stuff anyway…

  11. Maureen Monte 2 years ago

    LaRae, enjoyed the article and agree. Really love the *CONFIDENCE* in which you replied to Gibson. No animosity, no “who do you think you are”, just confidence and good manners. Well done.

  12. LaRae Quy 2 years ago

    Thank you Maureen :-) I truly appreciate your kind words. The vast majority of FBI agents are great people who are genuinely interested in protecting people from crime…