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Lynn Bardowski


POSITION: Chief Visionista

PHONE NUMBEr: 856-404-4343

Hey! I’m Lynn Bardowski, the Million Dollar Party Girl. Don’t let the nick-name fool you. It’s more about a working Mom who discovered her inner visionista when she was least expecting it. Overcoming fear, failure and mommy guilt to become a multi million revenue generating entrepreneur.

Growing up in a middle class family at the Jersey shore, I spent a lot of time conjuring up ideas to make my fortune. After college I married a local boy, Bill, and landed a lucrative sales job. The money flowed in, but my happiness trickled out. It took the birth of my two daughters to wake me up. The dream job I thought I wanted was someone else’s dream, not mine.

It was December, 1989, when I opened my mailbox to find an invite to a PartyLite party. Yeah, that kind of home party. The glow of candlelight illuminated the friendships these women had…it stirred something in my gut. Was it the onion dip? Or, was this the sign I had been looking for?

Selling candles at home parties was not exactly what I thought I would be doing when I grew up. My ego jumped right in, “What will your friends and family think? How will you give up your BMW?” But my heart whispered, “Candles feed your soul. Share your glow. Make a difference. Listen to your intuition.”

Intuition won. I said goodbye to the corporate sales career and the status that went with it. Family and friends thought I was crazy. What they didn’t know was that a woman with purpose, passion and vision can’t be stopped. After 22 years of coaching thousands of women entrepreneurs, I have a new vision. To share my story and support all women entrepreneurs reaching those same crossroads, not sure how to get from here to there but willing to find out how a Million Dollar Party Girl did it.

It’s time women stepped into their power. Join me and discover how to rock your inner Visionista, and your revenue!

Team Visionista

Visionistas came out to cheer me on at the National Association of Women Business Owners Glass Ceiling Awards, where I was honored to be named Trailblazer of the Year. Go Team!